Become a Datanyze Power User

Welcome to Datanyze! As a new user, you probably have a million different questions about the Datanyze platform and all the powerful data it holds. Registering for our new user webinar is a great first step to winning with Datanyze.

During this webinar, we will discuss the 5 fundamentals of Datanyze:

  • Data — Learn about the types of data you can source from the Datanyze platform
  • Targeting — How to create a Targeting Report to find great accounts
  • Alerts — How to set up Alerts to know when prospects add or drop technologies
  • Prospecting — Best practices for prospecting and building lists with Datanyze
  • Integrations — Connecting Datanyze with your CRM or marketing automation platform to enrich leads and accounts

Datanyze is the first step you should take as part of an ABM and Demand Gen model. You’re flying blind without data, especially when you’re selling to tech verticals.

- Charlie Liang, Director of Marketing at Engagio